Simply put, we do college marketing. We help ad agencies, companies, recruiters, and higher ed professionals reach students with campus advertising and supremely awesome street promotions.
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College Marketing Channels

College Marketing Channels

Unlike our competition, we don’t own any media channels which means we won’t try to sell you something just to fill inventory or meet a quota. With no horse in the race, as they say, you’re assured that our media and college marketing recommendations will be objective and on task. Simply put, we provide the best options for you to reach college kids.


The leadership team at Campus Media Group has more than 30 years of combined college marketing experience. If you are in a position with your brand or client where you need expert advice and fresh insights, consider hiring us for your next project. We have affordable consulting packages to ensure you make educated decisions on reaching the college market.

College Press Releases

Reach the campus crowd by sending your news to more than 1,500 college and university newspapers in the US and Canada. In addition, content aggregators send your news to a network of topic-specific and general-interest websites.

Digital Screens

Digital video and rich media options exist with access to an extensive network OOH screens in college bookstores and recreation centers on hundreds of campuses nationwide.

Campus Posters

Traditional posters, fliers, and table tents can be placed in high-traffic areas around campus. We use reliable non-student regional reps who know what they are doing. You pick the schools! We’ll handle the printing, shipping, and placement for you.

Campus Tabling

Traditional tabling events on the quad or in the student union. We’ll handle staff models, permits, rentals, set-up, and execution!

College Kiosks and News Racks

Outdoor advertising on campus offers you the chance to be in high-traffic areas to reach students all semester long. We can help you determine what outdoor or news rack media is available on your campus list and handle the whole buy from start to finish.

Email Advertising

Reach 12 million 18-24 youth nationwide with opt-in email advertising. Target by dozens of data points such as degree program, school, and ZIP code. We also have email lists for teens, parents, and faculty. Direct mail lists also available.

Mobile Marketing

We offer mobile and tablet banners placed in more than 40,000 apps across the Android and iTunes app stores. Geo-fencing around schools, malls, zip codes, available. We can also manage your short-code rental for text-2-win, text alerts, text voting and mobile offers. Campaign set-up, management, delivery, and reporting.

Online Advertising

Want to reach students online at a particular college or university? Campus Media can serve your ads directly into the web traffic coming from only the schools you choose. This IP targeted ad option ensures your ads are seen by students at your school no matter what site they are visiting. Ask us how!

Facebook Advertising

Potential customers are on Facebook every day. Facebook has 845 million users worldwide “Liking” 2.7 billion things per day. If you aren’t there, then you don’t exist. Campus Media Group makes it easy for you to get up and running with targeted news feed and right hand side ads.

Sidewalk Advertising

Sidewalks on and off campus deliver timely messaging in a fun way while giving you that “grass roots” feel that resonates so well with college youth. We have street team networks in every major market ready to install sidewalk graphics, custom chalk designs, and other ground advertising.

Found Marketing
Sometimes you need to fly under the radar to deliver a strong message. Repositionable stickers, mirror clings, and other wall graphics can be placed on and off campus in unexpected areas. We handle production, delivery, and location scouting. Great for cause marketing, bands, and movie promotion.

Custom Student Outreach

Have you ever wanted to get your product into the hands of frats and sororities, or reach students during move-in? Do you have an idea for something custom, but just don’t know how to get it done? Let’s talk. We are stacked with resources for any custom project. We even have our own in-house recipe for fake blood if you have a horror movie to promote.

Street Team Promotions

We’ve got talent! Whether you need models to hand out branded footballs at tailgating events this Fall or energetic staff to hand distribute product samples in 50 markets on a single day, we’ve got you covered. Full-service planning, setup, and execution anywhere in the U.S. on and off campus.

Projection Media

Need to turn some heads for a nightlife promotion or grand opening event? Our roving street teams can take your brand images and video and project it on to any flat surface. Our handheld projection devices are easy-to-move and set-up in multiple locations throughout the night. No need to worry about size. This DLP movie theater projector technology projects up to 120" ensuring your brand gets noticed.

Mobile Billboards

Make a big impact on campus and around town by branding our fleet of mobile billboards. Rent them by the week or month for competitive blunting, events, or to circle and park around college campuses.

Transit Advertising

University campuses operate like their own mini cities and need to move thousands of students from point A to point B all day long. Reach them on the way to class, lunch, or home by advertising with campus transit media. We offer transit shelters and campus shuttle advertising on top colleges all over the country. Ask us for a list today.

Campus Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are a great place to reach students all hours of the day. Whether they are studying for finals or seeing their favorite acoustic act, these shops become centers of social activity. Coffee sleeve advertising is available in major markets at independent campus coffee houses across the U.S.

Campus Bar Promotions

What does Mills Street at Arizona State have in common with State Street in Madison? Both have great campus bars. We know the hotspots for every college town and can negotiate with bar owners to get your brand tapped into the college nightlife.

Our Story About College Marketing

(Abridged, thankfully)

It is our desire to make college marketing and advertising professionals look freakishly intelligent and ridiculously prepared. Our years of experience executing college marketing plans have resulted in a catalog of first-rate intel on more than thousands of colleges and universities and their off-campus environments. This insider knowledge about students, traditions, hot-spots, and campus advertising options allows us to recommend the right media opportunities to reach students while also saving valuable time and money. College marketing just got easier.

Core Values

Campus Media Group is a remarkable team of marketing professionals with an insatiable desire to learn and innovate. We are dedicated to providing outstanding communication with a 100% say-do-ratio.

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